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  • Ruben and Adam (my installers) were great! I used to be in this industry but have now retired, and they reminded me so much of myself. These men were funny, and confident in themselves. Every question I would throw at them they knew and they even let me follow them around. My install took 2 days. First when they came, they put drop cloths on the ground. My wife was pleased. And when they completed the first day's work, they left no mess and picked up all their trash. When my install was finished, they even stepped my wife through every step to use the new thermostat. I greatly appreciate your past and future services.

    Edward and Janet Mueller

  • After receiving several bids from every air conditioning company I could find, I decided to go ahead with the proposal from Apple Valley Air. Apple Valley Air was very straightforward and went over problems with my duct work that other companies didn't even check. He was very confident in himself and his employees. My job was completed to all expectations. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone I know, as I already have.

    Betsy Rowan

  • I have lived in the high desert now for 5 years. When I moved up here, I thought I was going to have a hard time in getting an air conditioning company that actually knows what they are doing. When I called Apple Valley A/C, from the start they were great. Bobby was very persistent in all his work and kept me updated the whole time. Since I have been here they have switched on my water heater, and even put in a wood burning stove. Thank you sincerely.

    Ellen Parsons

  • I have used Apple Valley Heating & Air for several years now. They have provided both repair and installation of new heating and air equipment, both for personal and business use. It is a pleasure to recommend a contractor of this caliber for any reason. Rare is the opportunity to promote a company and individual that has consistently been professional, honest, ethical, timely and competitive. Apple Valley Heating & Air has elevated itself above all other competitors that I have dealt with. I wish there were more like them.

    Jacob Woenbrueker

  • Bobby, I can't thank you enough!! Thanks for a great job and especially for letting me hang over your shoulder the whole week. Here are cards for Black Angus, hope you enjoy!

    Jon Cranston

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Benefits to Using A Heat Pump

Benefits to Using A Heat Pump | Apple Valley Residential HVAC Systems

If you haven ‘t considered a heat pump for your home, ask Apple Valley Heating & Cooling about heat pumps and what one could do for you. A good heat pump can take the place of other HVAC equipment like furnaces while also saving you money.
Who Needs Fuel?
A heat pump works just like it sounds – by pumping heat. Specifically, it uses a special formula of gases that can absorb and transfer heat very, very easily. This way, the heat pump can suck heat out of the air and move it elsewhere to manage your HVAC system. A heat pump requires no external source of fuel, just exposure to air within the right temperature range.

Heating and Cooling
Heat pumps are designed to be reversible. When you want to use air conditioning in your Apple Valley home, your pump can draw heat out of the indoor air and move it outside to cool things down. When you want heat, the pump can draw heat from the outdoor air and move it indoors until you are comfortable.

Energy and Money
Heat pumps can be incredible efficient. Because there is no fuel, HVAC costs tend to be significantly lower when using a heat pump. Ask Apple Valley Heating & Air Conditioning about how to measure heat pump efficiency, and how much a heat pump could help save in your house.
Again, the absence of fuel makes heat pumps safer in some ways than other types of HVAC heating. A heat pump doesn’ t consume oxygen, and there’s no danger of ignition problems, explosions, or accidental fires caused by furnace issues. However, a heat pump does need access to

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Keeping Your HVAC Clean of Outside Debris

Keeping Your HVAC Clean of Outside Debris | Apple Valley Air Maintenance

Fall and winter can be particularly dangerous times for debris collection around your Apple Valley or Victorville HVAC units. Why does this matter? Let ‘s take a look and see what you can do about it.
Why is Debris Dangerous?
Debris – including dust, leaves, grass clippings, needles, and more – can pose several dangers to your HVAC system. First, if you have an outdoor unit, then your coils need to be exposed to outside air to help exchange heat. This occurs thanks to the smooth metal surfaces of the coils and fins in your unit, but those surfaces need to stay clear and clean. As dust and dirt build up, the heat exchange process is compromised. What’ s the result? A much

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